winter tractor fun

Well, all the cows are in their barns now for the rest of the winter, you might wonder why we left it so late.
Reckon probably the coldest weeks behind us, well the answer is that it’s not for the cows benefit it’s for the fields.
With the fields get so waterlogged, the cows will just churn them up, won’t be any grass for them to pasture on later in the year.
I am aching all over, some muscles I didn’t even know I had are aching, now my sleeping’s bad and all, if things weren’t bad enough already.

With all the planning needing doing for the coming year I need to be in good form, I wish.
Had colds and coughs all winter and made no difference the doc giving me prescriptions for antibiotics, (bloody steroids, you name it) just made me feel worse is all.
This winter and all these floods have been really bad for the fields, the rivers are still overflowing everywhere and the forecasts keep promising us more rain, more snow, and I have to go out and help local idiots in their cars that are stuck in fords and what have you, they should have read the flood warnings but I have to go out in sub zero temperatures and tow them almost every day just because I have a tractor for gods sake. Think it’s fun having to start up a tractor and go sliding around in mud and snow half the day?

Nobody pays me to do that, or pays for me diesel neither..Like as if I want to go out all hours on me tractor doing that they think I got nothing better to do on a sunday morning? Damn fools ought to know better, they all got radios and bloody SATNAVs they need to listen to them, flooding means flooding, cars don’t drive on water do they?