new crushers

On my farm, waste disposal is a major pain.. Always have stuff arriving in packaging, fertiliser mostly but after every job theres always loads and loads of packaging materials all over the bloody place. Get right fed up of it I do, I always try to reuse it whenever possible but a lot of the time the plastic bags and sheeting gets ripped so its useless for keeping bales dry and sometimes it partly rots down leaving me with horrible half rotted plastic bits blowing all around the place.

You can’t burn it because of the smoke and fumes being poisonous, it never rots down properly and ends up getting caught up in the machinery, combines the worst it can take me all day to clear out all the rubbish that gets caught up in the blades and whatnot. Anyways Steve on manor farm just got himself a new compactor and I thought I would go and give it a lookover and I was expecting it to be a lot bigger but was surprised how small the thing is.

So I said to the wife I will have to let some greasy salesmen to come round and do a sales job on me see if I can get the buggers to try and outdo each other on a deal, reckon I need one though.. I got a couple of Waste compactors from Dicom Ltd last week in the end and they have been doing a good job as long as the workers remember to use them that is. Got a good package though, not too costly and they come and pick up the bales of plastic every month which is a bonus so no complaints there. Let’s see how well they last the winter anyway, bet they go wrong in a year or so, probably just after the warranty runs out, bet they aren’t made in this country thats a certainty! Probably built in China and shipped over here in bits but then what with the state of things over here they probably can hardly assemble them properly, I had to go over miner and make sure they’d done it right, 3 parts I had to chase up that were bloody missing, useless.

Anyway turned out I was wrong they told me I didn’t need them but if it says they should have them in the owners manual I say they should have been there not that anyone takes any notice. So far so good with the compactors though they seem to have held together alright so far and I have made them work pretty hard surprised they havent broke yet.