spring, what spring?

Bloody weathers still awful, 2 of my fields are still flooded, one of the cows got put down this morning bloody TB again. Getting right sick of keeping cows, just no money in it these days, in fact there’s hardly any money in farming neither. All the time you have to get up really early (and these winter mornings have been harsh) mess about with tractors, muck out bloody cows, get them all milked, fed and all then its fence repairing, half of the crops I’m growing are all GM and no good of it will come I tell you, whole worlds going mad is how it seems to me. Back’s always hurting, wife’s off spending money every day you can’t win in this life, only peace I will ever get is when I’m six foot under, bloody farming I’ve had enough of it wish I could just sell up and just do something normal like run a shop. Always fancied selling bike bits and having a workshop but these chinese bikes everyone’s buying are total rubbish no one wants to work on them because they are made of such cheap low grade metals and silly plastic bits there’s hardly anything to service, just throw them away and buy another one, thats the way the world’s going I hate it. Think I will hit the cider and whiskey tonight and burn the whole place down.