This has been the worst bloody spring I’ve ever seen…Fields are still flooded, snow only melted properly last week. Price of milk is at its lowest yet, no money in dairy farming any more, waste of time it is. Had 4 new lambs born this week, that’s 12 so far, another 10 or so on the way which is good. Lost 1 to badgers or foxes the other night, I will put more traps out for them buggers, I’ll get them sooner or later. That horse meat panic has actually going to do us beef farmers some good as it means more people will be buying british, about time if you ask me, serves them right for buying cheap imported meat… Glad of the extra business though..

Went over to Manor farm last week to have a look at Steve’s Alpacas and Llamas, weird looking things but easy enough to keep by the looks of it and less trouble than cows too so I might just buy a few of them and see how it goes. He says he will give me a good price for a breeding pair so I thought why not and the kids are mad about them so we will have to talk money next week and get the fences mended don’t want them wandering off and getting run over not with how much they are worth that’s for sure.

What’s appealing about keeping them isn’t the wool that doesn’t make a lot at all, hardly even covers the cost of having them sheared, but they are worth a lot for hiring out to stud and for breeding and selling - another thing is they won’t churn the fields up like cows do and they aren’t as susceptible to all the diseases that have been going around like TB and the like so definitely interested in trying them out..They are getting very trendy these days as people have been using them as an excuse to build on arable land and exploit a nice little loophole in the law, good luck to them I say…if they start to show a good profit I’m getting out of the dairy business and breeding alpacas and llamas, if people want them I’ll breed them if that’s where the money is and they don’t mind the cold either!