new shop on the way

So the weather’s finally started to improve (not before time either) finally the lower field has started to dry out and I can safely put the animals out to graze there, well sheep at least as the cows would churn it up too much. Just about had it with that field so am thinking of getting a firm in to put some drainage pipes under to fix it once and for all.

The engine on fergie one has been serviced and it’s running pretty well for an old girl now and I can actually say things are looking good on the old farm now, both the wife and I have been looking into getting a shop going, it’s going to cost us a lot but she reckons it will pay for itself in a year or so, as long as we get the customers, we will have to invest a load in building work to convert two of the barns into stockroom and shop space and then buy stock but she is trying to get as many deals to spread out the payments so we don’t go bust in the first year, if it takes off we will cut back on the more time consuming areas of the farm and maybe even rent off a few acres to other farmers who need the grazing and cut back the herd.

So I have been talking to a number of construction companies about putting down new concrete yards and paneling and had a few surveyors round to look at the sites we want to build on. Had a couple of quotes for the concreting and even thought of just doing it ourselves and renting the equipment for a few days. It looks cheaper on paper but not decided yet.

Had a look round at a place called Fairport construction and priced up hiring the equipment and it looks like we would be saving a good few thousand on the initial flooring and paneling plus we could gravel up the car parking and access roads while we were at it – might as well take advantage of the gear while we have it.

John Evans and his crew are up for it and we’ve done some building projects on his farm a few times so we are fine with the concreting as long as we get the plumbing properly installed first – I had some plans drawn up by an architect who John recommended who did his cattle sheds a while back and he seems to think we should have no problems with the planning so as long as the bank’s behind us it’s looking like the shop’s a goer, just hope the bloody customers show up when it’s open, which we reckon on about September with any luck…