the usual

Well, looks like all is going well on the shop, building has well and truly started now, planning all went through and we got the drains done and the foundations are in, so building proper starts next week, quite pleased about that. Fergie 2’s clutch has gone so that’s in the shop for servicing, damned if I am going to do it, back’s been playing up and i don’t have the right tools toi change the clutch anyway.
The fox or badger has been back, there was a big hole in the chicken fence and 2 chickens missing, feathers everywhere, have to put more traps out I suppose, or go out hunting with the dogs, last time I did that all they caught were rabbits, I hate rabbit, don’t matter how you cook them I just don’t like them at all.

Vegetable garden’s doing well it’s on its third year all organic as well not used a single bit of chemicals on it, that was Fran’s idea I wasn’t sure but turns out you get much better crops in the end, just a lot more weeding, and you have to be more inventive when it comes to dealing with pests. Companion planting they call it, where you put stinky plants like onions and garlic which the insects don’t like right next to things they go for like strawberries, seems to work so far and haven’t noticed any garlickiness in the strawberries yet.

Cucumbers have been a disaster though, slugs have eaten most of them, might start planting cucumbers at the north edge of the vegetable patch just to attract the buggers and put plenty of beer traps for them, that always gets them. Tobacco plants I planted last year have all bolted so I used them to make organic pest spray and it’s worked really well, completely forgot to harvest them so they ended up being organic insect killer.
Gone off the idea of Alpacas now as they are supposed to be quite a pain to keep and the vet bills are a worry, sounds like you don’t make much off the wool anyway and so I thought what’s the point. I promised the kids so I will get just one pair next year some time but keeping with the sheep as they are hardy and better suited to the british climate, ie rain, which we are expecting a lot of this month. Reckon now the lower field is drained it shouldn’t get so waterlogged now so it should be good pasture in the summer.